Bartholin Cysts: What Are They?

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Bartholin cysts occur when fluid is backed up in the Bartholin’s glands. These glands are located on each side of the vaginal opening. The fluid released from the glands helps lubricate the vagina. If the openings of these glands are blocked, it could result in painless swelling. If the fluid becomes infected, symptoms could include pelvic pain, pain during sex, and discomfort while walking or sitting. The cyst will usually only occur on one side of the vaginal opening.

There’s no way to prevent a Bartholin’s cyst, but good hygiene habits and safe sex practices could prevent infection. 

If you notice the cyst does not go away on its own, here are some available treatments to explore: 

Yoni Steam/ Hip Bath with ACV

Hot compress 

Tea tree oil

Peppermint oil

Manual drainage


Surgery to allow ongoing drainage 

DIY Goldenseal and ACV Pantyliner

Goldenseal and ACV Pantyliner instructions:

Mix 3-4 capsules of goldenseal with a few drops of water and a few drops of ACV to make a liquid mixture. Soak a piece of gauze in the liquid and then place it on the cyst overnight. You can also place the liquid on a cotton reusable or disposable pantyliner to ensure the treatment stays in place. Goldenseal extract can also be used the same way.

**ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar 

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