Sultry Sage Lingerie

the sensual side of you is ready to slip this on

for your body

Yoni Balance Bath Bomb

time to draw yourself a bath

Yoni Care

Our Bestseller

show your vulva the love it deserves

live in orchid

Orchid Bubbles

our newest probiotic shampoo & body wash

The Garden Collection

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Nourish Your Body

Owning your sensuality is an integral part of self-love

Embracing lingerie or other forms of sensual attire, while nourishing your body with a balanced diet and caring for the health of your womb are ways that you can connect to your sensual self. These act as building blocks to help create an appreciation of yourself in all aspects, including feeling sexy.

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Light Goddess

Love & Clarity

quartz crystals to charge your energy

Postpartum Care

Doula Services

Holistic postpartum care for mothers on the road to recovery - seamlessly blending sensuality and comfort.

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Postpartum Products

Oils, herbs, and remedies to ease discomfort, speed up recovery, and promote postpartum healing.

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Postpartum Womb Massage

A gentle, non-invasive treatment treating a wide variety of health concerns, especially those related to the stomach.

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for your lips

The Latest Drop

vegan makeup with long-lasting color

for your skin


Embrace your body

Your yoni is so much more than an intimate part of your body; it's a delicate flower that deserves to be nurtured, appreciated, and honored. It's a wondrous temple filled with pleasure and sensuality, just waiting to be explored. But it needs love, understanding and respect all the same. I invite you to give heed to its wisdom and gently explore its many depths of sensation.