Haitian Bath

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The Haitian bath is a special postpartum procedure rooted in Haitian culture where a common practice called the
Three Baths is used. A special herbal blend is prepared for these baths giving mommies the comfort and support they need to heal and reconnect with their body. 

During the three baths, the mother bathes in fortified water that is specially made from boiling select herbs in the water.

The first bath is with boiled water. The mother also drinks a tea made from this herb concoction. 

The second bath is with fortified water that is warmed by the sun. This bath takes place 3-days after the first bath.

The third bath is a cold bath. It takes place one month after the second bath.

This process gives mothers the time to heal their muscles and bones after childbirth. It also provides an active opportunity for the mother to make sure she is prioritizing her wellbeing. The best kind of mothers are healed and healthy and there are many natural care practices available to assist moms at every stage of their journey. 

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