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Afro-Caribbean Postpartum Blend
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Afro-Caribbean Postpartum Blend


Update!! For ease of preparation for postpartum baths and steams, our Afro-Caribbean blend is packaged whole and uncut in a bigger bag made from paper . 

Haitian Bain

Postpartum healing and vaginal toning 

  • The Caribbean ingredients are from the traditional Haitian Steam/Bath
  • The West African ingredients are specifically for vaginal tightening, vaginal dryness  and enhancing the libido 

One bag will give you about 6 steams or more. The whole bag should be used for postpartum soaking.

Use the product within 6 months. Keep in a dry place 

 Check out the blog for more information https://nefeteri.com/blogs/news/haitian-bath


Affirmation: My body is healed, restored and rejuvenated.

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