A Goddess Guide To Yoni Weights

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So many women aren’t connecting to themselves due to a lack of awareness of the options we have available to us. Being a woman is a very powerful experience. From our physical bodies to our intuitive abilities. We are powerhouses of infinite potential that can further connect us to the divine presence that dwells within each of us. We know things, we feel things, we see things, and we manifest things into our reality whether it is intentional or not. 

Discovering the wonders of activating the inner magic that lives inside of us can significantly heightened our external experiences. Let’s take the body for example, so many of us tend to be disconnected from our physical bodies. Are you comfortable with connecting with yourself through physical touch and experiences? Do you honor your temple with proper nourishment and physical conditioning? Do you prioritize your mentally, emotionally, and physical wellness?

Keeping our bodies aligned with our mental and emotional aspects put us in position to truly awaken the Goddess energy we have all been gifted.

One way to connect with yourself on a physical level is by using sacred tools such as Lotus Eggs. Lotus Eggs are crystals in an egg-like shape that are inserted into the yoni and used for initiating an intimate connection with yourself and/or partner. As a vagina weight, Lotus Eggs can be used to strengthen your pelvic floors and it can assist in kegel exercises. Kegels build up muscle control and aid in urinary and fecal incontinence. These exercises can also improve sexual experiences by helping you reach orgasms quicker. It’s important to note that your Lotus Egg will not go beyond your vagina due to your cervix being a solid prevention of this happening.

Ben wa balls are another form of vagina weights that can be used to help tone the pelvic muscle and aid in increased orgasms. These are typically plastic and covered in rubber. While Lotus Eggs have more of a spiritual focus on self-connection but can be used to amplify sexual experiences, Ben wa balls have more of a focus on sexual pleasure. They can be categorized as a sex toy. 

Both experiences can lead to a deeper connection with self and even a partner. 

They are also great for building up inner strength. Deciding whether to use a Lotus Egg of Ben wa ball is completely up to you. The selection process starts with you being able to listen to yourself to find what resonates. To get the best experience, be open to the experience. 

Recommended Starter Lotus Eggs:

Rose Quartz is great for clearing and balancing the heart chakra.

Amethyst is great for clearing and balancing the 3rd eye chakra. 

Clear Quartz is great for clearing and balancing the crown chakra.

Citrine is great for attracting abundance and balancing the sacral chakra.

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