Healing Through Sisterhood

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Having a tribe of women you can connect and bond with, is one of the most powerful ways to level up in life. We don’t have to experience womanhood alone. There are women out there who share your same frequency and who can offer support, accountability, and the occasional reality check. 

Women are often put in opposition to each other. Some of us feel we have to compete or that one woman shining somehow dims the light we possess. This is a false narrative and a complete waste of time. Being able to acknowledge and recognize the light of another woman automatically makes your light even brighter. 

One woman winning doesn’t mean your chances of winning have decreased. In fact, it means the totally opposite. Bearing witness to her win, let's you know that your win is coming.

Feelings of lack, scarcity, and unhealthy competition can hinder you from stepping into your full potential as the Goddess you are. Sisterhood is a healing experience. You can find the truest parts of yourself while surrounded by strong women who aren’t intimidated by the spreading of your wings. 

In true sisterhood, jealousy, envy, or any ill intent against another woman cannot exist. 

Women who are truly connected and on one accord know the value of working together, and having a circle of support, upliftment, and shared experiences.


Women coming together to raise babies, birth businesses, etc. can bring even more power and magic to these experiences.

Find your tribe and you will forever be in good company. 

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