The Soft Life Digital Workbook

The Soft Life Digital Workbook

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The Soft Life (Digital) Workbook

A 72-page digital workbook filled with love notes, affirmations, and 38 journal prompts to help guide you as you cultivate the Soft Life of your choosing.

The Soft Life is about prioritizing your needs, wants, and wellness and letting your divine feminine energy lead the way. Many of us have been taught that sacrificing ourselves is more admirable than pouring into ourselves or that we must work ourselves into states of exhaustion to see results. But what if there was another way? Well, there is! The Soft Life is for women getting back to their essence. It’s about operating from a space of allowance, ease, and abundance.  

When you live a Soft Life, you align your energy and let things come to you. You don't overwork yourself. You move with intention. You embrace flow and alignment. The Soft Life consists of high levels of self–care and preservation. In this energy, you manifest quicker, make better choices, and feel more empowered as you navigate your life experiences.

Use this workbook to tap into your divine feminine and create a lifestyle that honors you feeling and being well.
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