Boric Fresh Suppositories

Boric Fresh Suppositories

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30 count 
Boric Fresh Suppositories for treating odor, itching, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and unbalanced pH.

Comes with one applicator

Organic Boric acid in vegan capsules (Not for oral use. This product is inserted into the vagina)


    Store in a cool place. Expires 24 months after purchase. Fresh batches are made every Saturday.

    (Moisturize with coconut oil, avocado oil, grapeseed, or olive oil ). You should not have sex right after using them. Please give your body time to heal,


    "Boric acid can be an effective way to treat vaginitis. Vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina caused by bacteria, yeast, parasites, or viruses. Candida, a yeast-like fungus, is responsible for 40 percent of all types of vaginitis, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Boric acid is an odorless, crystalline powder available over the counter and primarily used as a topical antiseptic or a suppository. In addition, boric acid is used to treat ear infections, cold sores, and eye problems."

    Colloidal Silver gel: Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that treats yeast infections, bacteria vaginosis, and vaginal itching. The gel also helps with lubrication.   

    Not for breastfeeding and pregnant woman. This is not a multivitamin so only use/insert them in your vagina when you need them. Daily use on a healthy pH-balanced Yoni is unnecessary.

    Do not have sex after using this product. Give yourself time to heal.




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