The Divine Feminine

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Divine Feminine
The Divine Feminine

  • She is attuned with her body and the things she puts in it.
  • She is aware of the way she speaks to others.
  • She trusts her intuition.
  • She practices Selfcare. 
  • She is Sensuality.

She is attuned with her body and the things she puts in it




Womb Wellness

Divine Feminine is balanced energy. It’s being in harmony with your mind, body, and spirit. The Divine Feminine is an expression of self-love and alignment. When you are connected to it, you are more attuned to your body and what you put inside it. You are more aware of what does and doesn't feel good to you mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

How intentional are you with your hygiene?

Do you constantly find your hormones all over the place, or are they more balanced?

What type of foods are you eating? Does your diet make you feel more energized and alive?

In what ways do you nourish your womb?

Reflect on these prompts and dive a little deeper into your connection with self. 

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Own Your Sensuality