Agnus Cactus

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Agnus Cactus, or Vitex is a plant used in herbal medicine. In supplement form, it typically contains the fruit and/or seed of the plant. 

It can be used to help:

Regulate the menstrual cycle

Transition from taking birth control pills

Symptoms of perimenopause 

Infertility in women


Fibrocystic breast disease

Some uncommon side effects may include: itching, rash, upset stomach, trouble sleeping and weight gain. Do not use vitex agnus-castus if you have a hormone-sensitive condition. Taking vitex agnus-castus might also affect therapy for certain mental disorders that are treated with prescribed medicine. Do not use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Disclaimer: This information is for reference and educational purposes.This is not a replacement for medical advice by a healthcare professional.

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