Sensual Living with Sankofa Bluu

on April 01, 2022
Why and how did you start Owning Your Sensuality? 
Attempting to pinpoint when or what flipped my sensuality switch on seems impossible; however, it was freedom I longed for. My desire to express myself in an unapologetic, honest way built how I “be” now.  
Mirrors and moody lighting became my art bestie. This free space I cultivated for myself was my saving grace, a place for release, a time for imaginative play and a haven for pleasure. 

What does Owning Your Sensuality mean to you? 
Owning my sensuality meant I could choose how and when to accentuate my quirkiness, stroke my ego, and tease the f*** out of myself and anyone I invited into my world. Embracing my sensual self means having full autonomy over my body, mind and spirit. 
Sensuality takes many different forms. It can be art in motion, sound, visual art, dress, etc. I encourage you to find your nearest park or open space outside and do something that feels freeing to you.  An act that allows you to release and maybe be wild.  Scream, sing, jump, twirl, paint, dance, stare, dream, saunter… your options are unlimited. Create a communicative relationship with the elements you are coexisting with while in nature. Explore.  

Photographer : @filmbyliliana
Videographer : @th3rdeyestudios

Sankofa Bluu: @sankofabird_